The Web's Design - Deb the Web is the nickname given to me by my father years ago. So, that's the story behind "the Web's Design!" I have been creating jewelry now for about 30 years. I am self-taught in this art and obsessed with gemstones, leather and parts and pieces and all the findings of jewelry making! I have always tried to make just one, unique piece so that everyone doesn't have the same jewelry. I have on occasion created a couple, because it was a great piece and thought maybe someone else would want one too, however, I mostly just make one! Most of my creations are customizable, made longer, shorter, etc. I welcome custom orders always and if I don't think I can make it, I'll say so. Visit my website to view some of my unique creations!

Barbara Conner Jewelry - Barbara Conner of Lafayette, Louisiana has drawn on her deep spiritual faith and Southern roots to create a line of necklaces, bracelets and earrings that have a unique and individual style.

tl design - tl design specializes in designing custom high quality, story artbook albums for the busy photographer or other individuals who own the rights to their images. tl design also offers custom web site design for the small business owner.

Or So She Says - "Or so she says..." came to be back in January 2009, not very long ago! Basically, we wanted to start a blog that was relevant to YOUR lives and would help us improve ours. With every post, it is our goal to make you think "hey, that's a darn good idear." Just like that. With the help of this blog, we hope that you can find new traditions, ways to spruce up your marriage, enrich family life, get some yummy grub on the table, and more!

Sodderbug - Beautifully made Photo Charms, custom made with your favorite pictures.

Jewels and Pinstripes - Whether its a celebrity pregnancy, the arrival or birthday of a celebrity child or a high-profile charity event, Jewels and Pinstripes consistently delivers gift bags that will leave our lucky recipients wanting more!

Beyond Words - Our goal at Beyond Words is to offer treasured keepsakes that say just what you want to say to remember a special time, place, or person when you may not have just the right words yourself.