Capture that new bundle of joy, the bond of sisterhood, the love of your life, a furry friend, or each one of grandma's pride and joy in a unique, free-form fingerprint pendant charm made from actual fingerprints!

This special clay was developed in Japan in the early 1990's and is made of microscopic particles of precious metals suspended together with water and organic binder.  During a firing process, the water and binder burn away allowing metal particles to fuse together.  The end result produces a solid .999 fine silver or 22 karat gold fingerprint!

Each print is truly unique not only because of the uniqueness of the individual fingerprint but because it is made by you and by the way the individual presses their finger into the clay.  The pendant you make is the one that comes back to you!

These are NOT reproductions but the actual fingerprint that is made at the time of imprinting into the clay!  No two are ever alike!

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