I started making jewelry many years ago on the prairie, in the Sandhills of Nebraska and although I have since relocated to Iowa, the name of my business, Prairie Creations,  has stayed with me. 

I'm self-taught and started my art form with beaded bracelets, necklaces, pins and earrings.  With the addition of a new medium called Precious Metal Clay, I have taken a new avenue in this art form and have created Priceless Prints®. 

Being a distance from my son makes my own “Priceless Print®” pendant such a treasure and gives such comfort.  With each and every thought,  just a simple touch of his fingerprint closes that distance, brings him near and warms my heart.  It brings me great joy to offer such comfort to others who have loved ones they want to keep near their hearts always and forever!  

I dedicate this site to my family, my friends, and special thanks to my three fantastic sisters for their never-ending love, support, encouragement and inspiration.    Where would I be without them!  Also, special thanks to Joe and Liz.